Graphic Design is the new language of communication in today’s commercial world of creativity. Point College’s Diploma in Graphic Design is uniquely to ignite your passion for the creative arts and aesthetically pleasing visuals. The course is created to groom new and young designers with effective skills, an advantage on digital platform as well as the knowledge to be future masters of design or artists of the commercialized world. Taught by lecturers who are also industry professionals, our students will also have the chance to experience industry related projects with real clients. This ensure our students an industry ready education, making them well sought after by the industry and known for their impressive portfolio and hands-on knowledge of this creative industry.


  • Design Principles
  • Drawing 1
  • Drawing 2
  • English
  • Basic Computer Graphic
  • MPU 1
  • Art History 1
  • Elective – Color Study
  • Computer Illustration
  • Photography 1
  • Photography 2
  • Photography 3
  • Graphic Design 1
  • Graphic Design 2
  • Typography 1
  • MPU 2
  • Basic Packaging Design
  • Digital Imaging
  • Web Design
  • MPU 3
  • Introduction To Multimedia
  • Illustration 1
  • Illustration 2
  • Typography 2
  • History of Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • MPU 4
  • Digital Publishing
  • Advertising Design
  • Professional Practice (Seminar, Workshop, Visit)
  • Professional Studies (Practical Training)
  • Design History 2
  • Elective (Internet Advertising & E-Commerce)
  • Final Project

"See design as another human being and put yourself in their shoes. Think what a difference it can make with design, because good design is the end result of empathy, personal taste, trend-spotting and a lot of common sense."



Founder of TSUBAKI, the Design Agency & Senior Lecturer of Point College


  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • DTP Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Visualizer
  • Photographer
  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • Studio Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Packaging Designer
  • Typographer
  • Web Designer
  • Concept Artist
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