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The world of Film & TV is demanding and is certainly one which thrives most on uninhibited creativity. The industry is demanding, discerning and incredibly selective. Here at POINT College, our Diploma in Film & TV arms students with just the right amount of knowledge, attitude and hands on training with real studio experience at our very own 59’ X 64’ studio that is world class. Plus, our students will definitely have an added edge, studying closely with Award Winning Industry Professionals and with the college’s constant collaborations with International Film and TV projects. All of which guarantees phenomenal exposure and recognition, allowing POINT College’s students to even make a name for themselves before graduation.
• Film/Video Director
• Film/Video Producer
• Animation Director
• Cinematographer
• Script Writer
• Post Production Supervisor
• Production Designer
• Visual Effects Designer
• 3D Stereoscopic Artist
• Production Manager
• Audio & Sound Designer
• Lighting Technician
• Line Producer
• Art Director
Film & TV Production 1
Visual Communication
Art History 1
Basic Computer Technology
Basic Drawing
Color Study
English 1
Introduction to Scriptwriting
Introduction to Music and Audio
Concept & Storyboard Development
Digital Photography
Integration and Moral Practice Creative and Critical Thinking
Introduction To World Cinema
English 2
Film & TV Production 2
Digital Audio Production
Visual Effects & Post Production
Acting & Directing Skills
Pengajian Malaysia
Digital Animation 1(2D)
Digital Animation 2 (3D)
Film & TV Directing Workshop
Production Management -
for TV and Film
Professional Practice
Documentary and Short Film - Production
Asian Cinema
Industry Training
Final Project
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

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