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In recent years, our world has been perfected with top notch Animation and Visual Effects. It is an artistic skill equivalent to the infinite powers of creation. POINT College Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects will transport any student into another dimension of world class animated films and game developments. Our INDUSTRY READY DIPLOMA stands to separate students from the masses and emerge as future leading animators and well sought after for Visual Effects. POINT College’s affiliation with International Award Winning Studios such as Trixter (Animation & Visual Effects for Iron Man 3) and AnimaVitae (Producer of NIKO The Movie), will ensure that students experience hands-on work on International and Local projects with real clients. Certainly this course aims at bringing students’ creativity and passion for innovation to an entirely higher level, placing them way ahead of their peers.
• Animation Director
• Technical Director
• 2D/3D Animator
• Visual Effects Artist
• Character Designer
• 3D Stereoscopic Artist
• Effects Animator
• Rigging Artist
• Concept Artist
• Layout Artist
• 3D Modeller
• Compositor
• Simulation Specialist
• Lighting Artist

Visual Communication
Art & Design History
Basic Computer Technology
Basic Drawing
Color Study
English 1
Digital Illustration
3D Maya Essentials
Creative Thinking
Visual Storytelling 1
Digital Photography Integration and Moral Practice Co-Curriculum
Perspective Studies
Visual Storytelling 2
English 2
2D & Animation Principles
Drawing for Animation
Conceptual Rendering Skill
Preproduction Animation
3D Modelling
Pengajian Malaysia
3D Animation
Compositing & Editing Specialization in CG Modeling OR Specialization in Animation OR Specialization in CG Visual Effects
Advanced 3D Studio
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
Industrial Training
Final Project (CG Modeling OR Animation OR CG Visual Effects)

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